"Putting passion
and fun together,
for us equals love."
And like the Beatles said, "ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE"
We believe when things are fun to do, they are easier to do right. This means that we only take on projects we commit to, so we can work with fun and passion as always needed to achieve love and the best results. If we can't see the love, we'll always say no, as we are all about "No bullshit!"

Our philosophy of No Bullshit compels us to deliver clear and concise results. This is achieved through ongoing sparring, development and optimization with our customers, which we believe is almost as important as the love.

At the end of the day, we believe that if our employees love their jobs and find the projects fun and existing to work with, it will ensure our customers the benefit they want. Put together we believe that the common search love in every project will create the best results, which in turn will be lovable as well.

Best regards
Tim Møllegaard PRESIDENT
As we are all about the love and no bullshit, we also find that our big passion for what we are doing has to benefit more than just ourselves. This means that the We Love Leads family donate some % of our turnover directly to bigger causes helping the world challenges overall. Read more about the causes that we support below.
Red Cross
As they help where it is needed the most, we find the love in supporting their cause.
Child Cancer
If something is hard to overlook its kids and cancer research needs support more than ever. So every year we try to support ongoing child cancer research as much as we can.
Homeless pets
As our President loves animals, we make sure that a number of homeless pets get a new home every year.
Whatever is NEEDED
Every year the We Love Leads family finds 2 – 5 causes, which are especially in need of support. If we find the love in these projects, we'll support with what we can. Last year we also supported:
Child Hospital.
The fight against Breast Cancer
Public schools
The fight against violence towards women
As mentioned we are all about the love.