"We are all about no bullshit"
One big lead FAMILY
Out of our Head Office in the heart of Copenhagen we control all activities under "The Love Umbrella" delivered by us and our sister companies. Being under the same roof enables us to utilize the vast synergies in having one team working together to maximize revenue across your entire value chain. This also means that our broad selection of in-house specialist can maximize their value across various different fields of expertize. This means that we proudly count 400 years of experience within Lead Generation between our 30+ dedicated in-house employees.

As initially mentioned we actually started generating leads when they still came with the postman!

Today we're one big lead family under The Love Umbrella, with our special love for leads in common for all.

Every day the "We Love Family" proudly handles the process from start to finish for our customers. We generate the leads, assist media and evaluate traffic sources, help advertisers build campaigns to acquire the right kind of leads and additionally help them get the optimal results afterwards. Most importantly, everything we do is transparent so there is no bullshit coming from us. We're all about the lead - and we always will be!